Neither Apple’s nor Affinity’s documentation was precisely informative when I wanted to use MacOS Ventura’s Sidecar capability with my iPad and Affinity Designer 2.

Below is what I found worked quickly to allow me to draw on my iPad with the Apple Pencil whilst using Affinity Designer 2.

To preserve the iPad’s real estate, I leave the Designer tools and Studios etc on the Mac and use the iPad for drawing.

Separate Designer’s drawing canvas from studio controls etc.

  1. Open Designer 2 on the Mac

  2. Click on Window >> Float View to Window

  3. In the MacOS menu bar click on the Displays icon and then click Mirror or Extend to >> Iain's iPad

  4. Then choose Use as sparate display

  5. Now slide Designer’s separated drawing window right out of the Mac display and thus onto the iPad’s display

Now I can select brushes and colours etc. on the Mac and zoom and draw with the Apple Pencil on the iPad