Working Copy is a terrific app. It’s a lot more than an IOS Git Client.

I am using Working Copy for a number of tasks, and one I am keen to develop more, is doing bits of development of Swift IOS and Mac programs on my iPad Pro as John Sundell seems to do.

BTW I am writing this post to my account using the built-in editor of Working Copy. Commit; Push; and its published.

I had a few problems when trying to manage commivversion-control my Swift Playgrounds.


In the time it took me to write a reasonably detailed description of my issue to the author, and post a summary of it here together with my workaround solution (since deleted), he, Anders Borum, got back to me with a simpler solution, and a promise to amend the (already excellent in all other respects), documentation for which I am grateful, and very impressed.

Simplest solution

As provided by Anders Borum:

My favorite workflow is to start keep my playgrounds inside Working Copy and to never copy them back and forth except perhaps the first time when a project starts.

In the upper left corner of Swift Shortcuts you will see a “Location” button which can open playgrounds in any part of the Files app including Working Copy and work on them in-place. If you open playground from here changes are written back to the repository ready for commit and changes you pull down from the remote are available as well.