So China is quietly colonising the sources of raw materials of manufacture in Africa and South America by “partnering” with and lending to its governments. Russia’s Wagner mercenaries are ruthlessly “protecting” sources of raw materials in Africa.

Between them, China, Russia, and the USA are the de facto sources of a critical amount of the world’s raw materials. From rare earth to the gas, oil and metals that Europe and the UK need to create wealth or even grow an infrastructure independent of oil and gas, it is dependent upon a system of international trade that is not being sustained by the imperial reality of China, Russia, and the USA and the diminished status of Europe and the UK. Pre-Brexit EU may have been the biggest trading / consuming block but it also had an inescapable international dependency upon its sources of raw materials.

Looking back in history, to when Nazi Germany surprised even itself with its swift overrunning of France in 1940, it was then faced with the reality of Russia, the USA and British Empire controlling the oil and metals it needed to sustain its domain and which thus militated its suicidal attempt to capture those resources from its East.

The Question

The question is then, given that European countries, Britain and its former colonies, do not aggressively pursue the ownership of their essential raw materials in the same way as do China, Russia and the USA, can the dream of international trade with trusted counterparts ever be realised? Is the concept of Global Britain ever likely to happen before Britain is swallowed up by the new imperial powers?


You might argue that Britain’s financial industry, and its creation of an alternative offshore economy, has already been swallowed up by Russian Chinese and US “investments”. And after Britain’s financial industry has swallowed up the UK’s governing party what exactly is left after Britain’s financial industry has sold off British assets like ARM and many NHS services?