[Edit] I have made a Folder Action that does this automatically when you Export as Text an ApplScript from the Script Editor. See this post

[OP] I was wondering how people show their AppleSript in their web pages and, by clicking a link, have it open in your Mac’s Script Editor.

This is what I discovered (read back to front if you like!):

  1. You create a link in your web page in this form:

    <a href = "applescript://com.apple.scripteditor?action=new&script=
    your script 
    ">Click to open in Script Editor</a>
  2. where your script above is URL encoded

  3. where you can URL encode your script with this command as follows:

    cat myscript.applescript | \
    python3 -c "import urllib.parse, sys; print(urllib.parse.quote(sys.stdin.read()))" \
    > myscript.urlencoded
  4. Where myscript.applescript above is exported as text from Script Editor

So: tasks in order:

  1. Export as text

  2. URL Encode

  3. Paste URL encoded text between the ...new&script= and the ">... in the a tag above